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    Call only top1 row from DB help???

    Amit Saini

      Hi Folks,


      I'm having below scenario:


      I need to calculate sum of Quantity , in text box -O/P is 63 which is wrong , looks to me we are having some extra values added here , but not sure from where they came.


      But table is showing me correct sum which is 36.



      Issue is until left join of Global_Station table even text box is showing right "36" as O/P , but when I'm calling "Sub_Station" table for LineSection info this o/p becomes 63, looks like some additional values are coming from this table.



      Might be if I read only 1 row of Sub_Station table then this issue might fix , but not sure how to do this.




      There might be some other issue , which I'm not able to think.


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks in advance!