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    How can i merge two PPT on Nprinting?

    Daniel Ghebreial

      Hi all


      I'm trying to merge two different powerpoints due to i'm using on Qlikview two different bookmarks. My problem is I can't combine the powerpoint (1 for each bookmark), Could you help me with this?



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          Ruggero Piccoli



          If you are using QlikView bookmarks I desume you are working with Qlik NPrinting 16.

          There is not a feature in Qlik NPrinting 16 or 17 to merge generated reports.

          As workaround you could try to create a single PowerPoint template and apply the two bookmark-based filters as object filters so you will get a single file as output.



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            Daniel Ghebreial

            The problem is I need to use those two bookmarks with elements in the same powerpoint, but when I put the formula from the bookmarks the program only shows me the data from one of the bookmark, but not from the other