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    Admin section is not visible in NPrinting

    raavipati vinodkumar

      Hi guys,


      I had login in to nprinting server using the admin user credentials, unknowingly  i had removed Administrator Role to that user now the admin section is disappeared in user login, is their any work around to add that user back to the Admin role. please guys help me

      Note: their is no other user with admin rights. please guys help me out its urgent.


      Thanks in advance.

        • Re: Admin section is not visible in NPrinting
          Ruggero Piccoli


          Starting from Qlik NPrinting 17.1 it is not possible for an administrator to remove its admin role if it it the only user with the admin role to avoid to leave the installation without an administrator.

          From the release notes:

          Administrator user was able to delete his own administrator role

          A user with admin role (for example, the one created during the installation process) could delete his own administration permission, even if they were the only admin.


          So first of all check if there is another user with that role. If yes use it to give you back your admin role.


          Otherwise open a support ticket. It is a very complex procedure that cannot be explained here.



          Best Regards,



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