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    Derived Graph

      Hi Guys.

      Question about qlikview functionality.

      Is there any way to create graph based on columns which placed in pivot table.


      I mean use pivot table like data source?

        • Derived Graph

          Hi, You'll not be able to directly point the graph to output of the pivot table but you could use the formula of the pivot table to drive the same result in graph.


          If you can explain your scenario or post sample data, it would be helpful for us to suggest you the best way.


          - Sridhar

            • Re: Derived Graph

              the problem is formulas in source pivot table is realy complex.

              And i can't imagine how write all things in one formula

              This is ABC XYZ analysis


              I need create table with summarized data

                   Number of products,    X, Y , Z






              ABC calculations based on Accumulation of percent of sales

              All products sorted by Amount of sales and after thats we can calculate category

              XYZ category determining like standart deviation of previous periods in my case its three months

              I need something like this http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/ABC/XYZ-Analyse