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    Get count(Problems) within a period

    Prince Sabi



      I have some issues, where i need ur help!


      What i want to do is: I have a table with Groupnames which are linked to a ProblemNumber - furthermore i have a CreatedDate and ClosedDate (both of them are in numberic format). Furthermore i have two Variables vFromDate and vToDate. With these variables i can seth the range of the data i want to look at. For example if vFromDate is 2018-01-01 and vToDate is 2018-01-31 - i can see all problems which are created within this period. Now what i want is, to get only these groups and the number of problems they where linked to within this period. Based on them i want to now the top 10 groups and want to color them in a different colour in my diagram, because i have 20 groups and to colour them is a little bit annoying.