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    QlikSense Service Account Issue

    reshma k m

      Hi Everyone,


      I have Qliksense November 2017 and Qlik NPrinting November 2017 servers installed in my test server. The Sense hub and NPrinting portal used to show certificate error when I access them.


      I was not able to create NPrinting connections to Sense apps. So I exported certificates from QMC and installed them and it solved the issue. But the certificate error when I access the portal was still there.


      The service account used to run the Sense services was getting locked out very frequently. I was not able to find out the reason and had to unlock it everytime. Then I created a new service ID and modified all services so that they run on the new ID. So I thought the issue with ols accoutn is over, as it is not used by any sense services anymore.


      But, the old account still gets locked out. The details shows that althought the new service account starts the process, it tries to use the credentials for the old account. I think something is running in the background which uses the old ID, but I can't figure out what.


      I exported and installed the certificates again (as the sense services now run on a different account). But it didn't change anything. the portals still have certificate error.


      Can anyone throw some light to my situation? I want to get rid off the old account and the lock out issue. I don't know if the certificate error has something to do with this.