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    Show Data Values in Group Style Graph

      Hi All,


      I have a requirement which seems to be bug in Qlikview.

      When I select "Values on Data Points" in Stack Graph it displays me according to settiing in Number Format i.e. ($) is normal value, Thousand(K$) is value of expression is between 1000 and 100000, Million(M$) if value is 1000000 and 1000000000 and Billion(B$) if > 1000000000


      But when i change the style of the Chart Object to Group, it displays me values as 233,453,678 instead of 233 where as Y-Axis value displays as Million(M$).

      Hence users will have mis understanding that value is 233,453,678 M$. How can i rectify the same?

      Is there any solution for this?


      Please do help!