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    QlikSense Total Percentage

    Luis Carmona Martínez

      I have the follwing graph created with 1 Measure and 2 Dimensions



      Percentage of Clients


      {< [Money]={">0"}>}

      distinct CLientNumber)



      {< [IMoney]={">0"}>}

      distinct TOTAL CLientNumber)


      Dimesion Money Rounded to 50

      Round ([MONEY],50)


      Dimension Store.



      The problem I have with that, is that there could be Clients that have paid 50 Euros, but also 80 Euros as well. This makes the Expression to fail, when calculanting this...



      {< [IMoney]={">0"}>}

      distinct TOTAL CLientNumber)

      The formula (Above in Red) only counts the client One Time, and then the sum of the Percentages that comes from the Dimension Money sums more than 100%.

      What I need?

      - Percentage of Clients sums 100% for a particular shop, that is the sums of for every MONEY range percentage.

      - Preferable solution is that the Dimension, does not work for they MONEY payed in different transactions, rather than that for the SUM of all transactions for every client.