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    API Connection

    Ruan Haese

      Hi everyone


      Just struggling a bit with this and just wondering what is it Im missing.

      Ive got the bot up and running and everything is working well.


      I use  qsLocation.AsNtlmUserViaProxy(proxyUsesSsl: false);  to connect

      I understand that this sends through my personal credentials.

      These credentials then matches up with the user in the virtual proxy (which I created).

      So the bot is technically running under my name when logging in.


      When someone else at the office runs the application it doesnt work.

      I suspect because I use AsNtlm...  it sends through his credentials which doesnt match the user in the virtual proxy.


      To rectify this I see 2 solutions

      1) Add his credentials to the virtual proxy (so only the 2 of us can run the bot)

      Problem: Cant find a way to add a second user to the new User directory.


      2)  Make sure it logs in as the set user with authorization (my details )

      Not sure where my password goes through on this (assuming the NTLM probably sends username, password & directory through)


      Connect to iLocation with    qsLocation.AsStaticHeaderUserViaProxy (UserID, HeaderAuth, false, true)

      Problem: Cant seem to connect to the server using this


      Error:  GeneralCommunicationException with communication error WebSocketClosed and http error code 500


      Any help with this would be appreciated.

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          Ruan Haese

          Update on this:

          newCred = UserID, Password, Domain

          I have also tried using qsLocation.AsNtlmUserViaProxy(proxyUsesSsl: false, loginCredentials: newCred);

          Through this i force it to be my username.

          Again from my PC it works from another login it doesnt....

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            Ruan Haese

            Further update:


            User1 logs in on server - runs - works fine

            User2 logs in on server - runs - doesnt work

            User2 copies application to local pc (connected to the network) - works fine


            Im using the NTLMUser with set credentials.


            At least its working at the moment.