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    How to get the SAML mapped user attributes via QilkSense API

    Anna Test

      Hi All ,


      I'm fairly new to QlikSense. I have questions around getting user attributes (group Of) in QlikSense. Following is our use case.


      1.  Single Page application (SPA) access the page Index.html (which doesn’t do much apart from redirecting user to SPA) hosted on QlikSense. 


      2.  QlikSense redirect user for SAML authentication and user gives login/password.  We are using QlikSense virtual proxy to configure IDP.


      3.  SPA render the page using QlikSense require.js.


      4. QlikSense and SPA is hosted on two different domain. Everything is working as expected.


      We are getting the user information using the https://host/saml/qps/user but it doesn’t give the other user attributes.


      Is there any way to get user roles and other mapped SAML attributes in SPA?