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    "Dynamic" currency conversion...

    Ian Cornish

      I'm looking for recommendations on the Display elements of Currency conversion.

      We have an existing dashboard which is all showing in Euros, as that is our corporate base currency.


      However, in anticipation of the request for someone to see it in GBP (which is where we also operate), we've added into the data model the monthly currency conversion factors.


      But my main question is how to display the data from a usability perspective.

      I am thinking two options:-

      1. Have two sets of sheets - duplicates - based on the different currency - Not very suited to low maintenance, and a night mare if we add another currency (Ok, low risk, but...)
      2. Have a filter / toggle to control the currency. Given everything is in Euros now, this might be ok, but moves the compute from load script to display time, which may in the long run lead to performance issues on the front end. Also, given we don't have the option to dynamically hide columns in tables/pivots, this could lead to more issues.


      Can others that have done this sort of thing provide their expertise as to what worked, and what didn't work?