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    NPrinting On Demand for Clustering Environment

    Aviral Nag

      Hi Everyone,


      I am new to Qlik NPrinting and trying to configure the On-demand feature but with no Luck.


      Qlikview Architecture I am having:
      Server 1: Only Distribution service is Installed here.
      Server 2: Apart from Distribution service all 4 services are installed here.
      Server 3: Apart from Distribution and Management service all 3 services are installed here.
      Server 4: This is a File Server. No services are installed here. It has all the Qlikview Dashboards.


      I have Installed Qlik NPrinting Server, Engine, Designer and On-Demand in Server2.

      Now, I have few Questions here:


      Q1: Under Admin>> Settings>> On-Demand Settings which Server should I add in Add Trusted Origin...??


      Q2: Under Apps>> Connections which Server or Cluster Address I should Add...??
          I am not able to build the Connection.

      Please help me on this..........??

      Thanks in Advance.