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    Data sources affect each other

    Tom Müller

      Dear all,


      I have three different sources (revenue, cost of work and cost of subcontractors) that have in commen a Project number and a date.. When I load these three sources with the date in an app, they influence each other, when I filter after the date. As an explanation is difficult I will upload two examples. One example (Testapp) contains all sources and it can be seen, that "Nettoumsatz" is excluded when I set a filter by date. To show that filtering after date for Nettoumsatz is possible, the other example just contains this source (Testapp2).


      I don't think that the mistakes lies in the sources but that there is something wrong with my app. Thanks for the help!


      EDIT: What I could find out by further experimentation: The Problem seems to come from the soruce 'Zeiten', because when I just take the sources 'Rechnungsausgang', 'Datev Kosten' and just one time the source 'zeiten' it works perfect.

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          Petter Skjolden

          Is the problem for you that "they influence each other"?


          If so - welcome to Qlik's associative data model. Columns from different data sources brought into different tables but having the same name will associate by name. So these fields named key fields "influence" by selection and filters the records/rows from various tables accordingly.


          This is not wrong - it is the brilliance of the associative data model. You can disconnect various tables if you don't want them to be associated by renaming the indentically named columns when they are turned into fields so no association it created.

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              Tom Müller

              Well the problem is probably not that they influence each other, but that they interact the wrong way. I want to set a filter for "Datum" (Date), so that just data is shown that involves these dates. But somehow my "cost of work" goes to zero when I set a filter, alothough there is a lot data that correspond with the filtered date.


              But the idea is a good one, I will try to rename my date field for the time costs and see what happens, maybe I can find out more. Thank you!