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    Nprinting 17

    Abed Al Rahman El Ghali



      I am working with Nprinting 17 Version: 17.6.0000.0.

      Goal of my project is to add data to two sheets in an already created excel and macro enabled file, to make this data we are adding refreshed dynamically.

      I have created a new report with this Excel file set as the template. I have done no additions or modifications to the file in the designer, and i am just trying to preview or save&close and i ma getting the below error:

      An error occured while elaboration the entity tags.

      Please check if the entities are properly placed inside their level tags.

      Again, i have yet to add anything to the excel file from the designer and so far have only opened the report.


      2018-02-16 11_58_02-Nprinting 17 error occurred while elaborating the entity tags - Google Search.png

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          Balakrishnan V

          Hello Abed,


          Greetings! You can perform the below mentioned steps.

          •The first step is to simply reboot the computer and try the excel report again. If this doesn't work...next step.
          •completely uninstall the NP designer and uninstall the Office Suite (at the very least perform an office repair after the NP designer has been removed)
          •Clear out the users 'temp' folder on his computer where the designer is installed ie: c:\users\myuseraccount\appdata\local\temp\
          •After the MS office repair/reinstall, install NPrinting once again.
          •Test the excel report


          Note: NPrinting designer will also have unexpected issues if there are any browser or excel 3rd party extensions installed.



          Balakrishnan V


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            Daniel Jenkins

            Hi Abed,


            Please be aware that:

            * NPrinting 17.x does not support macro enabled Excel files (XLSM).

            * I see no QlikView/Qlik Sense objects used in your template. There may be tags used in the template that have no referenced entities. Besides, I found that you have a case open with support and when I try to open the template (outside of NPrinting) I get this message:

            I suggest you resolve the Excel issues first and then try to use the file as an NPrinting report template.


            HTH - Daniel.

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                Abed Al Rahman El Ghali

                I figured out the issue here, there was text in the template excel file holding characters like < or & and was causing the issues.

                After i removed the special character text from the file it seemed to work fine enough, though this did not happen when using NPrinting16 for some reason for the same file.


                Does NPrinting 16 support macro enabled excel files ?

                I am trying got use it now but i keep getting an error:

                Can't find a supported reporting output producer