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    Add or remove licenses through vbs

    Sergio Martin Alvarez

      Hi to all, i have a question.

      Is possible to manage licenses from a vbs file??. I want to create a vbs file that contains a macro to add or remove a licenses.

      This vbs has 4 const variables modified when necessary:

      1) User (DOMAIN\username)

      2) Character that represents the type of the license (N - Named, D - Document)

      3) Document path (this is used when i need to give a document license. E.G: "C:\QlikView\Customer_Care\Invoice.qvw")

      4) Character that represents the operation (A - Add license, R - Remove license)


      Then, i complete the values by hand, and then run the vbs...and like magic...the vbs assigns or remove the license.

      I found some time ago an application written in javascript that do something very similar to this...bus it doesn´t assign or remove document licenses. I attached it to this post, is very easy to use.

      Well, i need to do something like that but in vbs. So, i wrote some lines based in examples on the web:


      Const QVSERVER = "dwin0315"
      Const QVOPERATION = "A"
      Const QVUSER = "DWIN0315\licencia"
      Const QVLICTYPE = "N"
      Const QVDOCUMENT = ""


      Sub AddLicense(User,LicType,Document)
      msgbox "ehhhhh alta"
      End Sub


      Sub RemoveLicense(User)
      msgbox "uhhhhh baja"
      End Sub
      Set client = CreateObject("QvsRemote.Client")
      client.AdminConnect QVSERVER


      if QVOPERATION = "A" then
      end if


      But it launches an error in the creation of the object client. Anyone knows how can i do this vbs file...some information or what can i read to do this??


      Thanks in advance! Regards!