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    Get previous month/year selected dates

    Angel Tomov

      Hello dear Qlikers !


      So my client wanted to have a CY/PY set analysis so he can look his sales during previous periods .

      I have set analysis for:

      week: Sum({<Week = {"$(=week(max(Date)-7))"}>}SalePrice)


      and for the same month but previous year




      But now my requirements are different.


      My client wants to choose between set of dates,  and see the previous set of dates month/year
      for example

      02/01/2017 until 03/15/2017 (MM/DD/YYYY)  ( basically the whole february + 15 days from march)


      And he wants to see for the previous period of this selected dates, which in this example will sales for 01/01/2017 until 02/15/2017( the whole january + 15 days from february)




      Another example is .
      from  07/07/2017 until 07/18/2017 - Selected Dates
      from  06/07/2017 until 06/18/2017 - Previous dates ( automatically calculated)




      I have tried using variables for StartDate and EndDate and input extension, but it crashes so my client doesn't want to use extensions anymore.


      What is the workaround that you have found?


      Thanks in advance for the response


      Best Regards, Angel Tomov Junior Qlik Developer