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    Can we create independent sheets within a dashboard in Qliksense?

    Vaibhav Kumar

      I need to create a dashboard with multiple reports. Here is my requirement- I need to prepare report for shipments. so I want to create a dashboard called "Shipment". Under that, I want to create multiple sheets such as Daily shipment status, weekly shipment status, monthly shipment status, daily fallouts etc. Since the report kind of overlap each other in timelines so the dimensions may be same but the underneath data will be different. I want to create different sheets to represent Daily, weekly or monthly reports under one dashboard so that users would not need to go further than Shipment dashboard but I dont want Daily shipment report to be impacted if any filters are selected in Monthly shipment. As of now, if I import data for daily shipment and monthly shipment then it automatically creates association. So is it possible to create different sheets which are completely independent of each other but the dashboard is holding the whole data for the report?