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    Storing and Accessing variable

    Edward Lee

      Hi Qlik Sense experts, I just started using Qlik sense not too long ago and is still new to it. I have a few questions pertaining to the use of the variable.

      1. If I were to store a set analysis result into a variable [e.g. If(sum(${<Year = {2016}>} aggr(Sales), Year, ProductID) > 1000, ProductID) ]. Am I storing only the ProductID values (without the year 2016 tagged to it) or the entire result set that satisfies the condition?

      2. For the ProductID that has sales > 1000 in the year 2016,  I wish to retrieve all its data across all the years (even if other years sales are < 1000) and display it on a chart. How can I go about doing it?

      Please kindly advise me on these issues.

      Your help will be greatly appreciated.