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    Build chart from listbox selection


      I tried the cyclical but didn't care much for the interaction and thought of doing using a listbox

      to select the dimension.  The measure is the same regardless but couldn't get it to work

      correctly.  I figured the listbox would be simply "Store Product", "Product Group", "Store", etc.


      I also tried DSE to return =[Store Product], [Store Product], etc but nothing would work.


      I've seen the example enabling a preset dimension but that looked heavy on the maintenance.

      Is there a simpler solution?

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          Ruggero Piccoli

          Hi Mark,


          The question is not clear to me.


          What version of Qlik NPrinting are you using? Connected to Sense or QlikView?

          What is your goal? Do you have a sample of the report you would to obtain?

          Could you post some screenshots of the template?



          Best Regards,



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            MARK PERRONE

            Oops...this is not nprinting question.  General qlik development.