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    Bad debt calculation

    Marom Mishan



      My ultimate aim is to calculate bad debt (outstanding for more than 31 days). Currently I managed to make it work with this (1-(Sum([Payment of loan id])/Sum([Loan amount id]))). But the user has to select the last 31 days and exclude them manually each time they want to view bad debt.

      //Only({$<[Loan Date] = {'<=$(=Max([Loan Date])-31)'}>} (1-(Sum([Payment of loan id])/Sum([Loan amount id])))))

      1-(Sum({$<[Loan Date] = {'<=$(=Max([Loan Date])-31)'}>}[Payment of loan id])/Sum({$<[Loan Date] = {'<=$(=Max([Loan Date])-31)'}>}[Loan amount id]))

      So far I get a blank display

      Thanks for the help

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          Digvijay Singh

          Which QS version you are using, I think from Nov release onwards single quote and double quote are not considered identical, try double quote instead of apostrophe, also Loan Date needs to be date type, may be -


          1-(Sum({$<[Loan Date] = {"<=$(=Max([Loan Date])-31)"}>}[Payment of loan id])/Sum({$<[Loan Date] = {"<=$(=Max([Loan Date])-31)"}>}[Loan amount id]))