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    Loading Script from multiple txt files to multiple tabs

    Anand kumar



      I have to create a dash board from multiple scripts which are connected in Qlik via an odbc

      now the issue is

      The script gets changing once in a while and then If I need to change I need to pull back the published Application and do the modification and create a new report and then test the Nprinting report.

      So In order to avoid all this I want to manage script in a text pad


      How to use include/Must include  for every tab to include that tab script from a text file and up on loading the script from the text file can I do data massaging eg: setting date format or purging special characters from text


      Note: the script is linked with some or the other field in other tables so I use qualify to isolate that tab script from other scripts


      Eg: script1.txt  to Tab1

      Script2.txt to Tab2

      Script3.txt to Tab3


      Any help is highly appreciated.