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    Please help with HubSpot API pagination settings

    Lewis Man



      I'm using Qlik Sense' REST API connector to pull data from HubSpot CRM. HubSpot documentation reads:


      "Get all of the deals in a portal.  Returns a paginated set of deals.

      In addition to the list of deals, each request will also return two values, offset and hasMore. If hasMore is true, you'll need to make another request, using the offset to get the next page of deal records." (from Get all deals )

      Default records returned is 100.


      I need help configuring the 'pagination type' settings in Qlik Sense. Please help.

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          Lewis Man

          To clarify, here is the response I'm getting:


          {deals":[{"portalId":1208841,"dealId":247301077,"isDeleted":false,"associations":null,"properties":{"dealname":{"value":"Sample Deal Name 1","timestamp":1516321349923,"source":"IMPORT","sourceId":"DealTasks:DealsImport","versions":[{"name":"dealname","value":"Sample Deal Name 1","timestamp":1516321349923,"sourceId":"DealTasks:DealsImport","source":"IMPORT","sourceVid":[]}]},"hubspot_owner_id":{"value":"5327004","timestamp":1516321349923,"source":"IMPORT","sourceId":"DealTasks:DealsImport","versions":[{"name":"hubspot_owner_id","value":"5327004","timestamp":1516321349923,"sourceId":"DealTasks:DealsImport","source":"IMPORT","sourceVid":[]}]}},"imports":[],"stateChanges":[]}],"hasMore":true,"offset":247301077}

          offset returns a timestamp of the last request

          hasMore: true indicates there are more records

          Which pagination type in Qlik Sense REST API connector should I be using, and how should the parameters be configured?

          Thank you.