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    How-To: Print the content of a WebPageViewer



      I am new to Qlikview and I have a question regarding the printing of a certain objects of a Qlikview document in PDF or Paper.


      Here is what I have done so far:


      1. I have a Qlikview document that contains the following:

           a. Pie Chart

           b. Line Graph

           c. Web Page (WebPageViewer Extension)

      2. I created a report and added the all the objects that my Qlikview document have.

      3. Open the AccessPoint

      4. Tried to generate the report. Both the Pie Chart and Line Graph where printed in the PDF but the content of the WebPageViewer was not included.


      I hope that you can help me on how to solve my problem.


      I have attached a document. This document contains the steps on how I created the report in Qlikview.