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    Force show all zero values for 2nd dimension in bar chart x-axis

    Mei Zheng Tay



      I want to add a dummy Application name ("AppX") to force show all ageing months regardless of filter selection. How can I go about (using set analysis?) to always display all months? Or is there any other way I can accomplish this?

      Basically I want to be able to display all zeroes; i.e. circled in red - for all Departments.

      I have managed to force show all Depts by adding + Avg({1} 0) to my Measure. Not sure if info is useful but my bar chart displays the latest month by default as follows:

      if(isnull(Count({$<[PT.Month]={'$(=Max([PT.Month]))'}, [PT.isOverdue]={'Yes'}>}

                                      ([App-Issue]))), 0,

          Count({$<[PT.Month]={'$(=Max([PT.Month]))'}, [PT.isOverdue]={'Yes'}>}

                                      ([App-Issue]))) + Avg({1} 0)

      Attached is the testing load script.

      Screenshots for reference

           For Jan 17: Dept A and C has values for >=6 Months and >=1 Year

           For Jan 18: Dept B has values for >=6 Months