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    Scatter Plots final question

    Eric JH Pasteleur

      Ladies and Gentlemen,


      Please find enclosed my final questions related to Scatter Plots (bubble charts)


      1° I have got a problem with the refreshing of the bubble chart on the right of the "As IS" situation & analysis matrices sheet : each time I refresh the page, the chart is displayed empty.  I must select the color by dimension and then re-select by expression to have it displayed again.

      There is an error in the color argument value (below)

      -Question 1 : any idea to fix this ?


      2° In the second attachment (scatterplotsfinalquestions) :

      -Question 2 : how could I force to display the bubble when 2 are at the same location, or at least force to display the legend ?

      -Question 3 : how to have the font of the character in black for more contrast that the light grey that is difficult to read ?

      -Question 4 : how to make the footnote bigger (it is to small to read)?

      -Question 5 : do you have further info about the "pick" function?  It is working with absolute value but not with non-integer values….

      when the values that must be display are 2.8 or 4.8 (always from 1 to 6), it is not working...

      Many thx alrready to the Qlik Community