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    Move Chart Value on the basis of Slider



      I have a bar chart with a range dimension. (class function). Dimension Name - DIM (suppose)








      I have a slider having lower limit as 0 and higher as 100.


      I want if anyone moves slider the data in the chart get filter automatically and all bar above the slider value should display.


      Say if I move the value of slider to 70. only ranges 70-80, 80-90, 90-100 would display in the chart.


      I m not able to link it correctly.


      Please help.



      Sachin A.

        • Re: Move Chart Value on the basis of Slider

          Hi Sachin,


          if you load only DIM field in separate table and rename it (for example DIM_Slider just not to be linked with other tables) then use  DIM_Slider field for the slider. And the expression for the chart will be


          sum( {<DIM={">=$(=only(DIM_Slider))"}>} Amount)


          This will cause the chart to filter records with DIM >= than selected values in slider object


          Attached is a sample file with the same logic.


          Hope this helps!