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    How to use IF clause if lower level data set consist of multiple levels

    Whiteside Kleinbreuer

      Dear Qlik Community,


      I am facing an issue with an If clause.


      You see I am looking at 1 Shipment. 1 Shipment could have n status or text.

      The Formular in the Field "Exonerated Text/Status" is as followed:


      If (

          [Textcode key] =('T06') or [Textcode key] =('T08') or [Textcode key] =('T14') ,'Exonerated (textcode)'   


                  [Status code]=('U10') or [Status code]=('F02') or [Status code]=('F06') or [Status code]=('F09') or [Status code]=('S36') or [Status code]=('S94'),'Exonerated (Status Code)'



      Now if i delete the dimension of the "Status Code"

      This is the what happens.


      Actualy I expect here the value "Exonerated (Status Code).


      Can anyone help me with the correct syntax?


      kind regards