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    Section Access in server disappear

    Amira Zehani



      I develop a script to secure my application based on 3 fields (F1,F2 and F3) and the NTNAME, I created a key of security like F1|F2|F3 in my data model in the fact table, so for every line I have one security key.


      In my script I load the QVD containing abilities, it contains also the ADMIN user on server as service account with * on the 3 fields.


      I tested my application in local QV desktop it works fine with my NTNAME also on the laptop of my colleague, but when i deploy on the server it cant identify me by the NTNAME, I used the OSUser() in text object so it show correctly my NTNAME I also displayed the field NTNAME in the data model that contains all NTNAMES from the QVD on my laptopo it reduce on my NTNAME on the server it reduce on the service account so I can see every thinghowever I shouldn't.


      Can you help me please?


      Thank you