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    Count two different expressions

    Elizabeth Viso



      I have to data points, one is the EP# and the other is a STANDARD. I need to count all the EP# that pertain to The STANDARD that has EC in them. 


      SO I have:


      STANDARD:      EP#

      EC.02.01.10      EP 9

      LS.02.01.10      EP 10

      EC.02.01.10      EP 11

      LS.02.01.10      EP 12

      LS.02.01.10      EP 13

      EM.02.01.10      EP 14

      LS.02.01.10      EP 15


      So in my last question I was shown how to count the standards that have EC in them:  Count( {<STANDARD={'EC*'}>} STANDARD) and I tried to add to it for the EP# but nothing is working. I check all the threads but didn't find anything that really worked.


      Thank you