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    NPrinting - Send filtered report via email to multiple users

    Carl Hunter

      Hi All


      I have created a PixelPerfect report in NPrinting (release November 2017) which gets data from a Qlik Sense app.


      This contains Sales figures for each user of an Application.


      I need to send this report, once per month, to each User via email, as a PDF attachment, but only showing the data for each user.


      During development, I set up a filter against the Report, set to one User, which works fine and produces one PDF, tailored to this user. I have been able to enable Report Cycling, and generate a report for each user, and stored in a File Share, so one PDF for each user.


      I need to repeat this, but instead of putting the PDF out to the file share, attach and send as an email.


      I've looked through the online help and post on the forums, and I'm a bit confused to how to do this?


      I think, I need to...

      1) create NPrinting users for each person who will be emailed

      2) create a filter for every user, set to the users name from the Qlik Sense app

      3) set this Filter against the user

      4) create and run the publish task


      This should then apply each users filter to the report, and send them their customized PDF? - IS THIS CORRECT?


      I have ~150 users to do this for, so I think I can import all of the above, but, before preparing the import spreadsheet, I need to be sure this is the correct process.


      Can anyone please assist?