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    Some issues in Nprinting 17 Nov / Nprinting 18 Feb

    Felix David Baez Perez

      I'm trying to use Nprinting 17 and i recentrly upgrade to Nprinting 18 with qlikView 12 and i have some issues with cycle field report


      When I try qvp on a conecction, the report generation don't work and it stuck on the status generating, the connection's metadata generates with OK status.


      When i tried a local conections, everything seems to be OK with the except for the biggest report, that report y is a cycle field report in html, the field Cycled have only 445 values and Nprinting can't solve it because it tries to do every report at the same time using all the resources of the server, in that case the job stucks a never generate the reports. I tried ti split the values in another 20 fields, the job works well and finish with warnings.



      But the filters are valid for the QV app. When i see log, i can noticed that many reports dont generate for the same issue.




      Can you help me please with these, please. I don't know what to do.