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    How to perform incremental loading in Qlik Sense Cloud?

    Carol Mak



      I am using Qlik Sense Cloud and like to load from the Live SQL database with 9 tables and more than 117 374 284 (still increasing as this is a production data) records.It takes about 16 mins to load and another 15 minus to create index, still not able to see a complete load. Always get error message . "The error occurred here: ? Creating search index..."


      I am not sure why but when I load one single table, is okay. As I need to load 9 tables, is there a way I can keep the tables in the Cloud environment and increase the loading of table one by one and also to increase the records of the tables whenever I run the script instead of reloading all over again?


      Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you very much.


      Best regards,