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    Top 80 bottom 20

    Kevin yin

      Hi All: I'm fairly new to Qlik Sense, i have a question of calculate top 80 bottom 20 sales for each of ID.

      ID Vendor Sales is raw data, i have manually calculated the result on column top80/bottom20

      any one can help me set up set analysis in Qlik Sense or loading script to achieve this?


      although i have sorted data by ID and Sales amount, the original isn't in a sorted order.


      @Sunny Talwar i have read your post before, and use you QVF file for reference.


      IDVendorSales% of sum by IDTop80 /Bottom 20
      CH6004%Bottom 20%
      CC9006%Bottom 20%
      CG12008%Bottom 20%
      CA13009%Top 80%
      CD150010%Top 80%
      CE150010%Top 80%
      CB200013%Top 80%
      CC250017%Top 80%
      CF350023%Top 80%
      NA3002%Bottom 20%
      NH9007%Bottom 20%
      NE11009%Bottom 20%
      NA140011%Top 80%
      NG140011%Top 80%
      NB210017%Top 80%
      NB220017%Top 80%
      ND320025%Top 80%