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    How to load files selected in a listbox by the user?


      I have a number of qvd files with the forecast history( timestamp is included on the file name). I have to obtain a pivot table(attached image) with the forecasts for N next month(it already works). The user should be able to choose the history files in listbox to compare(I can obtain the list of existent files). My problem is to load only chosen files(current day file is always loaded).

      Other difficulty is how to stock the tables corresponded to the qvd files, they contain the records like this: Product code, date, customer, quantity.

      Product code, date, customer are the same in all history files, only quantity can change.  The number of records can be different in each qvd file.

      I think about creating one table for each qvd  linked by key(Product code, date, customer).


      I'm new to Qlikview and I would like to khow is it possible to realise that. If you have any suggestions or examples it can be really good.