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    Is there really a way to debug GeoAnalytics lookup?

    Manuel De Pauw



      I am trying to use the lookup service to display figures per ADM2 areas in France.




      The warning on the top left of the map does not help figuring out a potential mismatch: it only indicates 'Unsuccessful location lookup (...)' without any more precision (I am on November 2017 release, I have seen a video from earlier version which gives some precision but those precisions have disappear).


      As a result, I cannot display 2 ADM2 areas: "Saône-et-Loire" and "Haute-Saône" as seen on this image.


      It all looks like the fields which are used by the GeoAnalytics to make a match are not available using the Load function by the way.


      So, I have no idea of what to use to make a 'Manual remap' as the extension parameter would allow...


      Could you help?