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    Continuous Classroom: Any good?

    Matt King



      I've been using QlikView for many years and more recently using Qlik Sense. I'm considering refreshing my training to learn about new areas of the product and making sure I'm not missing out on useful features by doing things the same old way...


      I've also got a colleague working with me who is new to Qlik... so I'm looking at training options.


      I like the idea of the continuous classroom. Is it any good? It's not cheap, so I would expect it to be very comprehensive.


      Would appreciate feedback from anyone who has used the modules.

      Thanks in advance



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          Kaushik Solanki



          It is truly good. It contains video's, documents and also tests.


          I loved it, you must try it.



          Kaushik Solanki

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            Caroline Sheldon

            Hi Matt,

            My name is Caroline and I am the product manager for the Qlik Continuous Classroom. Thank you to Kaushik for a great review! I encourage other users to share their experiences using the learning platform.


            I thought I could provide you with a little more detail for your evaluation:

            • You can view a full list of courses you would have access to if you purchased
            • Some courses within those lists are free and represent exactly the experience you would get for a course if purchasing the full subscription.
            • Here is a full list of all 24 FREE courses. Again, these are actual courses you would get in the full subscription, so represent the course experience.
            • View our course calendar to see how often we update courses to the latest version, and release new courses.
            • Log in with your Qlik Account in the top right corner to view what the dashboard layout would be when you purchase a subscription. This dashboard layout is just one of the many ways to access the same course content. (Other ways include the Course Libraries or the Learning Plans).


            Don't hesitate to post further questions or reach out to Education@qlik.com with any further questions.


            -Caroline Sheldon

            Product Manager, Education


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              Beth Kairys

              I have had it for a few months now, and like it overall. The videos are useful, and the summaries are helpful for later review. In my opinion it's much better than classroom training, which is item specific. Instead of learning about a lot of things I don't yet need, I can jump in and do some modules when I have time, or when I need to upgrade my knowledge (like recently when my company added in the geo-analytics module).


              The basic modules are quite good too - I figured most of it out on my own, but as in all programs, developed some less optimal solutions. The basic modules have given me some good lessons in best practice approaches.


              I think the questions in the modules could be improved though. They are very technical and ambiguous, and more about how to find or apply specific sub-options than high level takeaways. Personally, I don't really care how to find some option I may never need; it's more useful to know when to choose a specific chart type, the limitations Qlik places on your analysis  (e.g. not filtering by measures), and dealing with common issues (e.g. state codes matching to countries in maps). The questions seem to test memorisation of the module more than understanding of the options and issues, which I dislike.


              I'm hoping to do the certifications once I have finished continuous classroom modules, but I am concerned that the questions will be similarly technical and ambiguous. We shall see I suppose!