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    Expression Help ??



      I need to calculate ‘Margin’ in a straight table. I am struggling to write the expression.



      Can someone help me please ?



      Details are below.



      Margin = Net Sales – Net Costs




      Net Sales =  Total Sales – OutputVAT

      Total Sales = Sales * Pax

      OutputVAT= Total Sales – (Total Sales / (1+vat))




      Net Costs = Subtotal - InputVAT

      Subtotal = Gross Costs – Commission

      Gross Costs = Costs * Pax

      Commission = (Gross Costs – Restoration Levy per booking) * ( Inside / 100)

      Restoration Levy per booking = Restoration * Pax

      InputVAT = (Subtotal – (Subtotal/(1+vat)))


      Note:  Sales, Costs, Pax, Restoration, Inside, vat are fields




      Many thanks

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          Christian Conejero


          Is that on a single table? (straight table does not take expressios, does it?)


          1st       I use variables. Then I place the variable everywhere I need it. Changes are easier.

          2nd      Use functions like Margin = sum(Net Sales) - sum(Net Costs)  (Use help. Type Functions. Search)

          3rd       Avoid using the word 'Total' as a field, it is a reserved word


          I guess lengthy refers to time. Calculatios are fast. Printing is slow. How many records per year? Well, limitate the table to a year or to a month. Open the Table Properties. Tab General. Calculating Condition: count(distinct Year) = 1 and count(distinct Month) = 1. Please, filter a Year and a Month in the Calculating Condition Message.


          You´ll get more tips...