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    Push json object to Qlik

    Ismael Chinea



      I've managed to connect Qlik with Elasticsearch via python and Qlik Engine API, so I can select Qlik fields based on the ES query results: from Qlik I query ES and refresh Qlik selections.

      However, besides selecting fields, I'd like to show on Qlik the highlights retrieved from ES. In another words, I'd like to push new data retrieved from ES to Qlik and show it in a table.


      I've been investigating but I am not able to find a solution for this. I saw I could load a json file using 'setScript', but ideally I'd pass my json file to Qlik and it'd be shown on the screen. Because of business requirements I cannot use mashups, so I created an extension to query ES and I use the Engine API to talk to Qlik.


      I'm newbie on Qlik so I'm probably missing something here.

      Would somebody have some ideas?


      Thanks a lot in advance.