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    Nprinting nsq - better to have more or less files

    Daniel Blois

      In my company we are using NPrinting and there is one huge file that basically does all the NPrinting.  I was wondering what is the benefit of having it in one large file, if there is one, and what is the benefit of breaking it up among multiple nsq files?  When should we keep it in the same file and when should we split it?  Or does it not really matter and is just personal preference?

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          Matus Kelemen

          Hi Daniel,

          we have several files based on reporting type (weekly, quarterly, external).

          Benefit for us is better clarity - not having mix of everything in one place.

          Also for external reporting we have completely different set of recipients - advantage is that we cannot send internal reports to external recipient by mistake.


          We are currently moving to np17 - there are apps instead of nsq files. Unfortunately users are not defined per app so we will lose this advantage.