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    Noobie: Is a predefined line graph from CSV with random # columns possible?

      I am a complete noob to QV...


      I am generating an output CSV that is capturing Windows perfmon counters. Some of the column counts are dependent on the system it is running on. Some systems may have 1 CPU, another may have 12 CPUs. What I would like to do, if possible, is to define a line graph that will display the appropriate number of lines as they correspond to the number of CPUs, hard drives, or whatever else we need to chart. The column headers will be the same (eg CPU1 %, CPU2 %, ...) it's simply the number of them that may vary.


      Looking in the forums and the Help docs I don't see a lot of information on this. I'm assuming we cannot define (by code) a line graph. Is this correct?


      If you cannot define a chart in the loading process, is it possible to predefine a chart with an unknown number of data sets?


      Thanks in advance!!!