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    nprinting testing/trial

    dy ag

      i need to do a nprinting test on my system,

      kindly help what all are basic functionality to test

      and also when we edit a report and save and close it ,where does it saved?

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          Sravan Katuri

          Hi Dy,

          You can do some basic testing like (not mentioning all the Nprinting development steps)

          I have done this for testing. sorry if I missed any steps. I'm writing up what I can remember


          connections: create local, server and connections to dash board with section access.

          create a report: Excel, ppt, docx, etc.

          Add objects to report

          add formulas and variables to report

          explore page and level feature

          Try adding a default template and create a report

          Create filters, conditions and try adding these at different level like add to user, report, task or object and test the working

          Publish the tasks to folder, newsstand destination and email (if the email server is set up)


          Run the task now and try triggered (scheduled)

          explore News stand : reports and its subscriptions.



          Create users

          security rules


          Thanks - Sravan


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