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    Qlik Sense Only - Seperate lib mounts use multiple QVF's?

    Katrien Van Gucht



      I installed the Deploy Tool option Qlik Sense Only and want to use Seperate LIB Mounts (Qlik Sense Desktop November 2017 version).

      I have done the Qlik Exercises suing the folder connection and container Example.


      I have made Folder Connection: Admin, Example, Corp and Shared since in the Deploy Tool (same folder connections name (LIB) and Prefix in Deploy Tool) in QDF_exercise.qvf.


      I have used Example as my Home Container as in the exercise but how should you do the set-up for other containers for Admin and Corp?

      Should you use separate QVF's and use the same script but change the Lib-name and make folder connection? e.g. for Admin:

      SET vG.HomeContainer='lib://Admin';



      Kind regards,


        • Re: Qlik Sense Only - Seperate lib mounts use multiple QVF's?
          Magnus Berg

          Hi Katrien, In Qlik Sense you add container libs as separated resources for your project, you could have one container that stores HR QVD data, while another stores Sales and Shared container is a common storage for all projects. The home container is where the Qlik Sense app reads Global Variables and functions from, this could be the same setting/container for all your projects. And yes you change Home by changing vG.HomeContainer to a new home container. Hope that this helps?