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    How Qlik Google Drive/Spreadsheets connector works in server?

    Rahul Gurram

      Hello All,


      I'm new to Qlik web connectors. We want to use Qlik Google Drive/Spreadsheets connector in Qlikview to pull data from Google spread sheets.

      I'm generating the Authentication key from my account inorder to access the Google spread sheets. But when I move the application to server(dev & prod) does it reloads without any issues with the same authentication key?


      We have a group email which all our team members include. But I don't know we can login with that group email. So, Is it possible to generate a Authentication key from Group Account?


      May I know How it works after moving to server.Because the spreadsheets which we're pulling the data from are secured. So Please help me out how this web connector works.





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          Christopher Brain

          Hi Rahul,


          Yes, you should be able to make it so that you can run the QlikView reload and the Qlik Web Connectors on different servers (which is I think what you are asking) - you will need to set up the Qlik Web Connectors to allow remote access and then you should see in the generate load script it gives you that it has http(s)://YOURSERVER:5555... rather than http://localhost:5555....

          Regarding the google group, could you clarify a little what this means? Are you able to authenticate with the connector using this? It sounds to me like that is more like an a group which you add a number of emails to and an email sent to it goes to everyone in the group but I am not sure yet from your description.