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    Pivot table with multiple rows

    Jorn Vangoidtsenhoven

      I'm trying to create a pivot table as the attached screenshot "pivot table structure", which is how it looks in Excel.

      • Row: multiple levels
      • Column: one dimension
      • Values: multiple measures (corresponding to the level in the row)


      When I attempt to rebuild the Excel pivot in Qlik Sense, I end up with 2 varieties:


      Option 1 = see attached screenshots.  When I organize the "rows" like this, it doesn't break it up by "Month" and then each month's "Loans Generated", etc.  Well, it does but it repeats the "Month" on each row and doesn't do it cleanly as Excel.


      Option 2 = see attached screenshots.  This does makes it visually cleaner by first showing the first row dimension and then indents to the other row dimensions.  However, this is the other way around = I want first the Month and then the others, not like this where it shows the others (like "Loans Generated") and then all the Months.


      Is there any way to get Option 2 to work but reverse the rows?  When I do this (see option 1), however, it looks different.