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    Connecting to SQL Server

    Chris Cammers

      This should be very simple but I am having trouble connecting to SQL Server 2008 R2 with Qlikview 10SR1.


      When I build the script I have no problem browsing for tables and stuff like that.


      When I try to run the load the script gets to the connection string and stops (I'm generating the document log)


      The SQL and Qlikview desktop are installed on the same machine(this is my dev/demo environment)


      I've tried a few things with the firewall.

           I've opened port 1433

           I've not been able to completely turn off the firewall because of group policy.

           I am able to turn it off for Home and Public networks but the domain profile stays on (I'm not on the domain so...I'm not sure if that means anything)


      The weird part about this is that after I tweak the firewall settings the reload will sometimes function but after a single reload the script will hang, and any other document, that connects to SQL, will also fail.


      Qlikview has not thrown any error but I have to kill the program to get it to stop.


      I'm trying to figure out if I have a Qlikview problem or a SQL problem and if anybody has any ideas how to fix it they would be much appreciated.





        • Connecting to SQL Server
          Erich Shiino

          Do you get some error message?

          I don't know if it possible to create a restriction on the SQL Server to have only one connection for each login... maybe some people can answer that...

          I had a problem before, when the connection returned a warning due to problems at the SQL server. When using desktop I could click Ok on the error message and the script would continue.

          On the server it would freeze.

          I included

          set errormode=0 before the connection string and set errormode=1 after the connection string.

          This ignores error message on the connection but enable errormessages after it.


          It can be a work-around...


          Hope this helps,



          • Connecting to SQL Server

            Hi chriscammers,


            Just to start with a wild guess -- on your QVW, can you please try CTRL+S (save), then CTRL+E (edit script) and then CTRL+R (reload)? We had noticed that QV10 (no-SR1) locked up when attempting to reload data.


            My recommendation is to try extracting a subset of data from your SQL Server instance using Excel, Access, QV, etc. and notice if they all succeed (same extraction). As you already mentioned, if a log file is generated on reload (CTRL+ALT+D -- General tab -- check Generate Logfile), it might tell us what is happening. Can you paste the connection string after removing any sensitive information?

              • Connecting to SQL Server
                Chris Cammers

                I cannot say I am thrilled with my results but I am no longer having the error.


                I fixed it by upgrading to QV10 SR2. I found this very unsatisfying mainly because I don't know what the problem was.


                Before the upgrade I was able to work around the issue by using an ODBC connection mut my experience with QDBC is that it is slower than the native client or ole.


                So I'm happy to be back in business but I really wish I knew what the problem had been.


                Thanks for the help



                  • Connecting to SQL Server

                    Hi chriscammers,


                    We share similar sentiments about moving to SR2. It is important to find answers to an issue. We have seen QlikView behave in manners that do not seem logical (e.g. publisher failing on tasks and not reporting any reason for such failure). In some cases upgrading solves the problem but leaves behind a unfulfilled quest of finding what caused the issue in the first place.