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    Multi Language - Default and Possibility to Switch / Variables

    Philipp Sauren

      Hi Guys,


      I'm looking for a solution to identify the users language (system or browser language) while loading, use the information to default a variable. This variable should trigger the language of the app. Moreover, I would like to have a possibility to change the default language via a button or selection.


      I have installed the climber selection bar, which I think is a good option to change languages; moreover, there is an initial selection option. Neverthless, at the moment it is not working that the variable from the selection bar is triggering the switch of languages. In the backend I have a translation table with an index and the translations. The setup works with a language selection field and the code (=if(SelectedLanguage=' ','Subsidiary',Only({<Index={3}>} Phrase))), but I'm struggeling with the variable instead of the selection.


      Any ideas/feedback is highly appreciated!