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    Nprinting 17.6 November 2017 - Connection Issue with Qlikview Doc

    Osama Anwar

      Hi All,


      We Setup NPrinting 17.6 November 2017 on our server, when creating a connection and Run Verification it give us below error :


      Snapshot :


      We already check below point :

      • NPrinting service account has to be different than Qlik service account.
      • NPrinting service account has to be local administrator on QlikView server and for Server connection it also belong to QlikView administrator group on Qlik server.
      • Needs to have UserCal license assigned if used with QlikVIew.
      • Needs to be able to localy open an instance of QlikVIew document and save it - double check it!
      • Needs to have an access to qvw files
      • QlikView server and QlikView desktop versions should be the same


      Note : This setup is on AWS EC2.


      Please HELP !!


      mto Micheal Please look into it.



      Osama Anwar