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    Total Labels on Pivot

    Denis Lomakin

      HI Community,

      I will try to explain my problem as clear as possible.

      I have a pivot table with two dimensions (QuestionText and Answer) in a rows and three (Zone, District, Dealer) in the columns .

      in my expression I need to display the % of each answer in each question.

      So it is pretty easy

      sum({<QuestionNumber = {'30','32'}>} msrAnswerCount)


      sum({<QuestionNumber = {'30','32'}>}total <QuestionText> msrAnswerCount).


      My Problem is that in Total Labels;

      I get it like this

      :total labels1.PNG

      But I want Like this:


      It is working when I do not use the Total Function in expression bit when I do the labels appears on every column.

      Please let me know if it is clear or you need more clarifications.