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    Server Problem

      HI,  after installing the Qlikview server,I am getting the error as Qlikkview server offduty in the status.I have put the license key and contol key again ,but still i ma not getting the solution.Please give me recomendations to overcome this problem. Thanks in advance.....Plz try to reply me soon

        • Server Problem
          Johannes Sunden

          What does the QVS event log say?

          A few questions:

          Did the machine have QVS installed before or is it a brand new installation?

          Have you recently had changes made to your license key? i.e. renewed maintenance or similar?

          Are you, or have you been running QVS on another machine on the network? Using the same license?

          What version of QVS have you installed? 32 or 64 bit?

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            Ashutosh Paliwal

            So, Mr Kamal Naithani, did you check the qvs event log..??...are you able to see the license you added in the license section....and if license is active..then just try to stop and start all the services again and then tell me if it is not working....??....also try to give answers of the questions Mr Sunden asked.....