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    View in Postgres DB not fetching data in Qlik

    Dawn Graese

      I'm sure there's something simple I'm missing here, but I set up a view in Postgres that I can query from within Postgres and it returns data.


      I connected the view to Qlik via an ODBC connection.  I can select the view in the Data Load Editor and the load script runs without errors, but it says there are zero rows fetched.  What am I missing in setting this up?  Do I have to use a materialized view instead?


      Some additional information: 

      In the data load editor when you select the option to "Select Data" for the ODBC connection it opens a window where you can select the database owner and table.  After those are selected, there is an option for "Data Preview" and I can see data in that window.


      Thank you so much for the help!